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Food safety display boards are a mandate for eateries now

Food safety display boards are a mandate for eateries now

In a new ruling, it has been made compulsory for restaurants to display food safety boards on their premises by October 15, 2018. Failing to do so will lead to loss of license for the restaurant. The Food Safety and Standards Authority has announced this move in an effort to protect consumers and also ensure that restaurants are taking consumer protection seriously. The new rule is applicable on existing restaurants as well as those who have applied for licenses. In a confirmation of the new ruling, V K Pancham, Joint Director of FSSAI (Mumbai) stated that the boards would have the dos and don'ts related to food safety. "Rules include wearing gloves while serving food, wearing caps while cooking, not handling cash and cooking at the same time and not keeping buckets of sand inside the kitchen area," he said. Food safety is an integral part of any country’s development and much effort has been put towards ensuring that the standard of food safety and hygiene in the country are improved. To ensure that you are following all rules laid by FSSAI, get in touch with our consultants and understand which license is required for your food business.


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