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CBIC has fixed certain defects w.r.t. filing of refund application by the taxpayer on GST Portal

CBIC has enabled new facilities by fixing the defects with respect to filing of refund application by the taxpayers. Following are the key facilities: 1. Refund amount entered, while filing refund application for excess payment of tax, will get rounded of now. 2. The correct financial period will now be displayed in ARN receipt & Track ARN Status of Refund. 3. Refund filed by UN users, downloaded in PDF format, will now show period as quarterly (July-Sept/ Oct- Dec instead of 13, 14, 15 ) and NA will not appear for refund filed for the period July-September, 2017- 18. Source: GST weekly update dated June 8, 2019, issued by CBIC- Refer slide No. 11


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