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ASC Group consists of a vibrant core team of 15 Chartered Accountants, 5 Company Secretaries and 3 Lawyers that is supported by an extended group of highly skilled and proficient experts. The ASC team excels at solving all your financial, taxation and legal queries in a specialized and focused manner. We are devoted to executing services for our clients and complete delivery with a quick turnaround time.

alokFCA Alok Kumar Agarwal (Founder)

FCA Alok Kumar Agarwal is the Founder and CEO of ASC Group. With an experience of over 18 years, he is an eminent name in the Finance and Taxation Industry. Mr. Agarwal, the author of two well-known books ‘All India Taxes, a ready referencer’ and ‘All India VAT ready reckoner’, is a visionary who aims to revolutionize the industry with his out of the box thinking and belief in knowledge sharing. This is echoed through his books that serve as a single window of information and provide in-depth insights into the taxation laws of the country. Mr. Agarwal was the first author to merge and collate various kinds of taxes and all tax-related laws into a single book. He is also a prolific speaker and has hosted many lectures and seminars on the issues of Taxation, Corporate Finance, RBI regulations and Auditing.
Responsible for setting up ASC and taking it to new heights, he is a renowned expert on Company Laws, Taxation Practices and Government Regulations. Mr. Agarwal believes in the people-first approach and empowers his employees and leads them by example. His vast experience in the industry and visionary line of thinking is a constant source of inspiration for everyone at ASC.

Antaryami Nayak (Director)

Mr. Nayak comes with the background of solid financial performance in multiplying shareholders value wherever he worked and he has been the key person in delivering manifold revenue growth in due course with margin improvement by 3% to 5%. In his 24 years of working life he has worked in various industries, Indian and foreign multinationals, where not only he acquired knowledge but he also performed and established verticals and have been responsible for expansions.

He has thorough experience for offshore operations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Restructuring and he has expanded the operations in such a manner that it manifests in better production and profitability.  He has done all this by applying the principles of Lean management by optimizing the resources and minimizing the waste in the processes. He is also Six Sigma Green Belt holder and successfully combined the two principles and implemented them in practice.  He has devised KPI management system for various departments to achieve operational excellence and for driving growth.

Key Roles:

  • He is instrumental for designing KPI’s for different departments.

  • Working effectively for M&A activities of the group and expanding it’s horizons.

  • Instrumental for diversification and managing various accreditations required for the success of projects undertaken.

Pramod Kumar Gupta (Director - Associates)

Pramod Kumar Gupta is a graduate from Delhi University and a rank holder in CA. He is also DISA qualified. In his 22 years of professional life he focused in the areas of project financing from banks and other financial institutions and managing funds for the company’s clients. Having excellent inter-personal skills he is been the face for the company in the matters pertaining to associates and Government bodies. He is also actively involved in social activities with various NGOs. He is on the panel of various public sector undertaking as a financial and tax consultants. He shares great network with government departments and authorities.

Key Roles:

  • Project Financing.

  • Bank Audits.

  • Department handling.

  • Coordination with associates.

Anju Agarwal PGDM (Director)

A Masters in Economics and PGDM in Marketing, Ms Anju Agarwal is an investment expert and an experienced strategist. With an eye for detail and precision, she excels as a business strategy consultant and plays a vital role in assisting organizations in international expansion and maximizing ROI through planned investments. Through her entrepreneurial experience and thorough understanding of business operations in India, she provides valuable insights to clients looking to enhance and enrich their investment portfolio.Ms Agarwal is also the creative head of the group and leads all marketing and promotional activities for ASC.

Key Roles:

  • Strategizing and Marketing of ASC International businesses across all sectors.

  • Acquiring business office locations across India along with all procedural, documentation and legal work.

  • Establishing distribution network for International products/services among various suppliers in Indian market.

  • Organizing marketing and promotional activities for ASC Group.

Advocate Deepak Kumar Dass (Director)

An integral part of ASC Group, Mr. Deepak Kumar Dass spearheads the legal arm of the company. He is a lawyer and member of the Bar Council of Delhi and brings to table his vast knowledge and experience in legal matters pertaining to direct and indirect taxes. He is also an expert in excise and service tax related issues and keeps himself constantly updated about the latest developments in company law and tax regulations. Mr. Dass handles all client cases till the Tribunal Level before the statutory authorities. Having been with the ASC Group since 2000, he has been instrumental in the growth and development of the company.

Mr. Dass has co-authored the book ‘All India VAT ready reckoner’, along with Mr. Alok Kumar Agarwal. The book provides a valuable insight into the VAT laws and regulations applicable across India.

Key Roles:

  • Developing schedules for compliances in Indirect Taxation.

  • Handling sales tax, service tax and excise assessment and appeals for the group’s clients.

  • Drafting and pleading with the departmental authorities for all assessment and appeal procedures.

CA Nitin Agarwal (Director)

With an experience of over 8 years in the Finance Industry, Mr. Nitin Agarwal is an expert in auditory, regulatory and compliance related activities. A great leader by nature, he has keen planning and organizational skills that enable efficient and timely delivery of projects.His extensive knowledge of matters such as Statutory Audit, Internal Audit, Policies/Process Framing and Review helps provide a complete 360° solutions to our clients. He also has hands-on experience in ERP implementation and is well versed with People Soft, MFG Pro etc.

Key Roles:

  • Managing audit assignments comprising of Statutory Audit, Tax Audit and Internal Audit of Domestic & Multinational, Public & Private and Government undertakings.

  • Implementing accounting systems & procedures

  • Supervising timely preparation of statutory books of accounts and finalization of year-end statements.

  • Designing Internal Control/Reporting Systems towards the accomplishment of corporate business goals.

  • Handling financial matters including Working Capital Management, Ratio Analysis, and Capital Budgeting & Cash Flow Analysis.

CA Shailendra Kumar Mishra (Director)

One of our youngest directors, Mr. Shailendra Kumar Mishra brings a fresh perspective and adds a dynamic zeal to the organization. Having an experience of over 6 years in the Finance Industry, he joined ASC soon after becoming a Chartered Accountant and has become an indispensable member of the team. Mr Mishra heads the Direct Taxes division of the company and is an expert in Transfer Pricing and International Taxation matters. Proficient in analysing and understanding client requirements, he is adept at providing optimum solutions through his resourcefulness and in-depth knowledge of the industry.

He is the co-author of the book ‘All India Taxes, A Ready Referencer’ along with Mr. Alok Kumar Agarwal.  The book aims to offer comprehensive information about taxation laws and regulations in the country.

Key Roles:

  • Doing Tax planning for all clients around the year

  • Handling all issues related to International Taxation with reference to Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements between India and other countries for all our clients including NRI's.

  • Managing all Income Tax assessment related issues for all ASC clients.

  • Advising Transfer Prices to be established between two associated enterprises in International Transactions.

  • Representing before DRP or other appellate authorities in the cases of transfer pricing.

  • Planning the best business model for the clients for maximum tax benefit as per the Laws of transfer pricing and DTAA’s between India and other countries.

Atul Kumar Kansal (Director-Taxsol Risk & Assurance )

Atul Kansal is a Chartered Accountant, qualified in 2004, having over 12 Years of experience in Corporate Finance & Accounts, Working Capital Management, Financial Planning & Analysis, Internal Controls, System Implementation and Audits & Commercial Functions in diversified industry segments (Retailing, media, E-commerce, etc.). Atul has also passed Certificate course on IFRS from ICAI and is certified financial consultant of Navision from Microsoft. He has held senior managerial positions in companies like Cyber Media India Limited, Seasons Furnishing Limited, JK Lakshmi Cements Limited and fashionandyou.com. He has expert knowledge of all processes of ecommerce industry and providing advisory in the area of Account & Finance, Direct and Indirect Taxes to various big clients including startups.

Himanshu Kansal (Vice President )

Himanshu Kansal is a Chartered Accountant with dynamic career of nearly 15 years that reflects pioneering experience & year-on-year success in Corporate Finance and Accounts, Audits, Management Assurance Services, Recruitments and manpower outsourcing. Himanshu has worked with various industries such as the Bigfour, Semiconductor, BPO, Manufacturing and others. He has knowledge in areas like Statutory audits, Internal &Corporate audits, Banking & Treasury operations, consolidation & finalization of accounts, Commercial operations, Manpower Outsourcing and Recruitments.Himanshu is a strategic planner with skills in analyzing existing financial systems & procedures, preparing budgets, designing internal control systems and facilitating effective decision-making. Himanshu has also extensive knowledge in the field of recruitments and manpower outsourcing.

CA Vikash Mittal (Vice President)

A graduate from the prestigious Delhi University, Mr. Vikash Mittal is a Chartered Accountant with detailed knowledge and extensive experience in the field of Taxation, Audit & Assurance. With keen analytical skills, Mr. Mittal provides strategic consultation in matters related to Direct Taxes, Risk Management and Company Law for the clients in Manufacturing, Advertising, Banking, Petroleum, Real Estate, Hotel industry, etc.He handles Direct Tax Advisory Services and is responsible for practical and proactive tax planning for ASC clients. He is also an expert in liaising with various government authorities.

Key Role:

  • Planning and administering the Statutory & Internal Audit Schedules and handling the delegation of work with adequate supervision.

  • Tax Planning by fulfilment of the provisions of Income Tax and Allied Laws.

  • Drafting of Certificates, Reply of notices issued by Government Departments, Check List of various compliances to be carried out by Companies.

  • Analysing Technical Issues and providing guidance on various legislatures, both in the field of Direct and Indirect Taxes.

  • Liaising with various Government Authorities like Income Tax Department, Service Tax Department, Banks, RBI and other regulatory authorities and ensuring compliance with statutory obligations.

  • Advising clients on Mergers & Acquisitions.

  • Handling Legal Due diligence & Legal Metrology.

  • Consulting on Corporate Law & FEMA Advisory.

  • Advising to SME’s and start-ups.

  • Liaising with RBI and other NBFC's.

CA Mayank Singhal (Vice President)

Mr. MayankSinghal is a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. His experience in a wide range of domains such as corporate law, RBI regulations, Industrial Guidelines, Securities Law, Labour Policies and Intellectual Property Rights allows him to play a vital role in various sections and aspects of the services provided by ASC. Mr. Mayank is also an experienced speaker having delivered many lectures on topics related to taxation. He is also skilled at commercial drafting and mergers and acquisitions. 

Key Roles:

  • Handling Transfer Pricing, International Taxation and Assessment assignments.

  • Working with different departments like Accounts Receivable, MIS, Indirect Taxation, Accounts Payable, Banking, Internal audits.

CA Sagar Gupta (Vice President)

Mr. Sagar Gupta is a Chartered Accountant having 6+ years of experience in auditing (Internal as well as Statutory) internationally and in India. He has accomplished various industry assignments including management assurance audits, internal audits, etc. of various financial institution, banks & PSU’s, multinational companies and private sector. Over the years, he has been involved in – 

  • Setting up & streamlining processes of different clients.

  • Setting up & review of Internal Controls.

  • Development and drafting of policies and procedures,

  • Risk Assessment study,

  • Special assignments & financial analysis,

  • Implementation of ERP

Niten Agarwal (Manager - Mumbai Branch)

A graduate from Delhi University and a Chartered Accountant., Mr. Niten Agarwal joined ASC Group as an article assistant in 2010 and continued to become a core member of the organization. He has expertise in field of Taxation, Audit & Assurance, business planning & advisory matters. He strongly emphasize on quality, communication & collaboration in assisting clients in achieving corporate business goals. Presently, Mr. Agarwal heads Mumbai branch of the firm.

Key Roles:

  • Providing tailor made solutions to clients for business development & making statutory compliances.

  • Maintaining key compliances in Direct Taxation.

  • Handling sales tax, service tax, excise and compliance related to import/export.

  • Facilitating with various Government Authorities like Income Tax Department, Indirect Taxation authorities & other regulatory authorities relating to various assessments, refunds etc. and ensuring compliance with statutory obligations.

Dinesh Kumar (Manager)

Mr. Dinesh Kumar is a manager in ASC Group for the matters related to Customs. He has 9 years of experience in department liasioning (Customs and Service Tax). Over the years, he has been involved in –

  • Drafting an application to documentation, calculation and working, liasioning and follow up of SAD Refund application

  • Filling of EDD Refund application, liasioning and follow up, which ends up with crediting the refund amount in clients’ bank account within reasonable time

  • Handling of SVB Matters

  • Department liasioning in Service Tax Refund matter

He has expertise in refund matters and emphasizes on quality work with lowest cost possible in minimum lead time.

CA Divya Sharma (Manager)

Ms. Divya Sharma is a graduate from Delhi University and qualified Chartered Accountant in 2011. She has 6 years of professional experience in the field of Accounting, Taxation and Audit. She handles Direct Tax Advisory Services, Income tax assessment, an expert in liaising with various government authorities & and is responsible for practical and proactive tax planning for ASC clients. She has handled clients from IT, Retail, Management Consultants, BPO and Banking sectors.

Key Role:
  • Handling Book keeping, Payroll processing and registrations under various Laws.

  • Planning and administering the Statutory & Tax Audit Schedules and handling the delegation of work with adequate supervision.

  • Tax Planning by fulfilment of the provisions of Income Tax and Allied Laws.

  • Drafting of Certificates, Reply of notices issued by Government Departments, Check List of various compliances to be carried out by Companies.

  • Analysing Technical Issues and providing guidance on various legislatures, both in the field of Direct and Indirect Taxes.

  • Liaising with various Government Authorities like Income Tax Department, Service Tax Department, Banks, RBI and other regulatory authorities and ensuring compliance with statutory obligations.

CA Divya Sharma