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The Engineering Industry is involved in the production of light and heavy engineering goods. The major end-user industries of these products include power, infrastructure, railways, petrochemicals, refineries, textiles and automobiles. The industry has seen tremendous growth over the last few years and is expected to reach US $125.4 Billion by 2017.


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Procurement Industry deals with the process of acquiring goods, services or works from an external party. The process must meet pre-defined requirements of cost, quality, quantity and delivery time. The process also includes vendor liaising, negotiation strategy, cost benefit analysis and risk assessment in order to minimize fraud and loss due to price fluctuation.


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The Construction Industry is involved in a range of activities including infrastructure development, alteration and repair. Examples include residential construction, roadway paving, large scale painting jobs, bridge erections, excavations and demolitions.The Construction Sector currently contributes towards 8% of the Indian GDP.


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The purpose of Logistics Industry is to enable effective and timely transportation of goods from one place to another. Various mediums employed are Air Freight, Land Transport, Railways and Waterways. The industry is valued at an estimated US $14 billion with an annual growth rate of 9-10%.



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The Pharmaceutical Industry researches new drugs used to cure various kinds of infections and diseases. These companies also produce medication and medical devices for use in new and existing markets. The pharmaceutical industry in India ranks 3rd in terms of volume and 14th in terms of value globally.


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The Chemical Industry converts raw materials such as oil, gas, water, minerals and metals into various products. These products can be then used to create consumer goods. The chemical industry is an important contributor to the Indian economy and accounts for about 1.38% of the country’s GDP.


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The Automotive Industry is responsible for the design, development and sale of motor vehicles. The industry has seen tremendous improvements in technology over a period of time. With a current annual production 23.37 million vehicles, The Indian Automotive Industry is ranked as one of the largest in the world. It accounts for 7.1% of India’s GDP.


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The Technology Industry offers a variety of products and services for other industries, businesses and consumers. The industry uses engineering and manufacturing knowledge to improve efficiency, productivity and develop a wide range of end products. The Technology Industry in India is one of the fastest growing industries in the country with rapid advances every year.



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The Retail Industry deals with the process of selling consumer goods and services to end users. The industry employs various channels of distribution, marketing and payment in order to maximize reach and profit. Growing at a CAGR of 13%, the Indian Retail sector is poised to reach US $950 Billion by 2018. The sector is a key component of the Indian economy accounting for almost 15% of its GDP.


VAT, Service Tax, Accounting, Registration, Income Tax

The Wholesale/B2B industry acts as a bridge between manufacturers and retailers. The industry utilizes economies of scale to buy and assemble products in bulk which can then be sold to the retailer and other commercial or professional business users.  Wholesale turnover in India is expected to reach Rs 13.6 trillion by 2018 with an annual revenue growth of 13-14% since 2013.


VAT, Service Tax, Accounting, Registration, Income Tax

The Food Industry includes a wide range of businesses that produce and supply food products to retailers and other businesses for sale to end user for consumption. The Indian Food Industry is growing at a phenomenal rate with an increasing contribution to the world food trade every year. India’s total food production will likely double in the next 10 years. The industry has recently seen entrants in the form of online food ordering businesses that are experiencing exponential growth.


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The Luxury Industry comprises of various segments, with personal luxury goods being the most dominant component of the industry. Most global markets focused on luxury goods are dependent on tourist spending as opposed to local consumers. With the Indian economy growing at a rapid pace, the Luxury Sector in India is experiencing tremendous growth as well, with an annual growth rate of 25%.



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The Media Industry consists of various segments and sub-industries such as Print, TV, radio and digital media. Backed by rising consumer demand and the technological improvements in customer behaviour and advertising analytics, the Indian Media industry is expected to demonstrate steady growth. With a CAGR of 14%, the industry revenues are likely to exceed US $32.7 Billion by 2019.


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The IT Industry involves the delivery of products and services related to information technology and computers. Employing a workforce of about 10 million people, the IT Industry in India is steadily gaining prominence with its main USP of highly competitive cost-effectiveness and quick turnaround times. A significant portion of the sector’s US $147 Billion revenue is generated through international market and is expected to grow at a rate of 13%.


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The Mobile Industry comprises of businesses dealing with mobile networks, handset manufacturing and mobile app development. Armed with rapid technological advancements and efforts to improve pan India connectivity and reach, the Mobile Industry in India is now the second largest in the world based on total number of telephone users. The Industry has registered a CAGR of 5.2% with revenues expected to reach US $37 Billion in 2017.


VAT, Service Tax, Accounting, Registration, Income Tax

The Ecommerce Industry is a newly evolved industry focusing on the sale and purchase of goods and services over a digital network. With the entry of new players and the adoption of the medium by established retailers, the Ecommerce Industry in India has witnessed rapid growth at a CAGR of 35% and is poised to cross the US $100 Billion mark in the next 5 years.



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The Export Industry is involved in the sale of goods manufactured in India to other countries. The Export process typically involves compliance with custom regulations and duties. Economic policies have played a strong role in dictating the revenues generated by the industry. Exports from India reached an all-time monthly high of US $30Billion in 2013.


Registrations, Special Additional Duty, Appeals and cases, etc.

The Import Industry deals with the acquisition of goods from foreign nations for consumption and use in India. It is one of the most important sectors of India’s economy and has a significant impact on India’s foreign trade and export policy. The biggest import sources in India are China, Saudi Arabia and UAE with crude petroleum accounting for US $116.4 Billion in 2015.


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The rapid growth of the Indian Economy has prompted many global firms and multinationals to set up base of operations in the country. Initiation of Government campaigns and fast paced globalization has led to India becoming a global business hub for corporates. MNCs and Global firms have shown a keen interest in establishing research and development centres in the country and opening new distribution channels.



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The Professional Industry in India is involved in the delivery of professional services to Individuals, Corporates and global clients. These specialized services complement various industries such as the IT and media industries. The Legal Industry in India comprises various subsectors catering to individuals and corporates. It is also involved in the practice of Legal Process Outsourcing through which services such as documentation review and research for foreign law firms are carried out in India. The Indian Legal Industry is growing at a rate of 40% per annum.


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The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry deals with the contracting of business functions and activities to a 3rd party provider. The advantages gained through the process include enhanced speed and efficiency and cost effectiveness.An estimated 2.8 Million people work in the outsourcing sector with annual revenues touching US $11 Billion.


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The Financial Industry includes firms that are engaged in various economic services like investing, insurance, securities issuance and trading, accountancy, fund management and money lending. A large portion of the sector’s revenue is generated through loans and mortgages. The Financial Industry in India accounts for 6% of the country’s GDP.


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The Banking Industry consists of public sector, foreign, cooperative, rural and urban banks. The banks process all transactions by Individual and Corporate account holders. With the adoption of latest technologies like internet and mobile devices to carry out daily transactions, the Banking Industry in India is poised to become the third largest industry in the world by 2025 and is currently worth US $1.31 Trillion.